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when SUM boys go marching on.....there will be a new tomorrow





Photographs and report of XXI P.R.Pradhan Academic Merit Awards and XV Inter School Quiz Contest- 2011 as the fourth phase of the celebration

Photographs and report of Khel Mahakumbha or Quasquicentennial Cup-2011( Inter School Invitational Football Tournament) as the third phase of the celebration

Photographs and report of Pancharajat Parivesham (Plantation of 10,000 trees) as the second phase of the celebration

Report on the inaugural programme of the 125th Anniversary

Celebration (posted on 23.02.11) >Below

School Foundation Day_2011: A Report >Below


School Foundation Day -2011 on 19.04.2011

In 15th Assembly Election,2011, most of the teachers were deployed to election duty and therefore only a few teachers were present in the school to witness School Foundation day on the 19th April of 2011.
Class XII students and School Band wre assembled at the school and led to the Macfarlane Memorial Church. There, Alumni members and church members along with the Principal, Vice Principal and Senior Masters of the school wre also present in ThanksGiving Ceremony at MMC, followed by a choir. The ceremony was conducted by Rev. J. S. Rai and Messages were read by Rev. Samuel Lepcha.
Guests paid homage to the cemetery of Rev. William Macfarlane, the founder of SUMI.
In school premises, flowers and khadas were offered to Yadika, a memoir constructed in loving memory of passed away teachers.
The programme was concluded with lunch.


A brief History:

When there prevailed the darkness of illiteracy in this small town of Kalimpong, S.U.M.I. (Scottish Universities’ Mission Institution) was established in 1886 by Rev. William Macfarlane, a Scottish Missionary appointed by Scottish Universities’ Mission consisting of Andrews, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities of Scotland. Selfless contributions of Scottish Missionaries like W.S. Sutherland, T.E. Taylor, W.G. Mackean, J.A. Graham, G. Ogg, G.S. Mill, W.M. Scott have made S.U.M.I able to add newer educational dimension in its academic personality. S.U.M.I. did not stop flourishing in equally capable hands of P.P. Mukhia and National Award recipient P.R. Pradhan as Principals.

Winning B.C. Roy Memorial Football Cup and participating in National Subroto Cup two times, organizing P.R. Pradhan Merit Awards, for meritorious students of Madhyamik Pariksha for the last 20 years, Inter-School Quiz Contest for the last 15 years, participation of much praised Pipe Band in almost every social function in and around Kalimpong, participation of NSS- NCC boys in Blood Donation, Tree Plantation, AIDs Awareness and other social activities and producing a great number of able citizens in different walk of life are just a few achievements to mention that S.U.M.I. has successfully attained. A long 125 years of its meaningful survival exemplifies the unselfish dedication rendered by the forerunners of this institution. Presently the heavy responsibility of the school is comfortably held on the strong shoulder of N.R. Pradhan, the present Principal. S.U.M.I functions under Diocese of Eastern Himalaya and Church of North India Synod.

Celebration of 125th Anniversary:
First inaugural phase of the year long celebration was held on 10th to 12th March, 2011 in School premises amidst a colourful and magnificent ceremony with an anniversary motto of “125 years of service to the society from the tradition to a new tomorrow”.


10th March 2011:

At 04:00 P.M. Hon’ble Chief Guest, the Most Rev. Dr. Purely Lindoh, Moderator, Church of North India Synod was escorted by Pipe Band, NCC, Principal, Staff & Ex-students from Hotel Silver Oaks to School.

Yadika, a memorial constructed in memory of all forefathers of this great institution was inaugurated by Hon’ble Moderator and Floral Tribute was given. In the middle of beautifully lighted and decorated school the celebration programme also witnessed the presence of Deputy Moderator, the Rt. Rev. P.P. Marandih, Rev. Dr. Enos Das Pradhan, Ex-Principal, Mr. P.R. Pradhan along with members of S.U.M.I. Alumni Association. (established in 1992), staff and students.

The school paid homage to all ex-teachers who are no more with us and also to three (3) martyrs of recent Sibchu Police firing during Gorkha Land Agitation.

Ex-Principal, Mr. P.R. Pradhan, while addressing the gathering, said that the moment was historical. Participatory prayer led by Pastors of different Churches who also happen to be Ex-students of the school followed the Choir by the students. When count down timer stroke Zero there was simultaneous explosion of 125 fire crackers and glowing up of decoration light to give exhilarating experience to everybody present in the occasion. Rev. J.S. Rai and Mr. Suva Pradhan conducted the Programme.

11th March 2011:

Second Day of the Inaugural Phase of the 125th Anniversary Celebration started in Macfarlane Memorial Church (established in 1892), where Chief Guest Rev. Dr. Enos Das Pradhan witnessed the thanksgiving and rededication service. Pastor Samuel Lepcha and Rev. J.S. Rai led the prayer and Bible Reading.

To remember the contribution of ex-teachers and to honour their memory, Chief Guest, Other guest, Principal, teachers, present and ex-students also paid respect and khadas to the grave of W. Macfarlane, T.E. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, Hugh J.C. Kinghorn, and David Mac Hutchingson in Old Cemetery.

This was followed by paying respect to passed away teachers in Yadika by all present dignitaries.

The Mill ground was covered by a huge pandal with two thousand chairs and a beautifully designed stage. A large number of Polyvinyl Flexes depicting the images of SUMI history, logo and banners had been placed at different places and peripheries.

In the afternoon at 02:00 P.M. after the lunch, Principal delivered the welcome speech to initiate a grand cultural programme wherein the students presented cultural dances of different race and cast including Gorkha, Bihari, Tibetan communities. Cultural programme in its true sense made the audience glued to their seats and all dignitaries also seemed to be enjoying the mega event. Retired teachers were also conferred felicitation by the school.

The three days programme were aired live by Kalimpong TV with the assistance of Sky Scan and Madan Cable. Media partners like Himalaya Darpan (a Nepali Daily), KTv and Radio Misti, Sikkim 95 FM were helpful in propagating and updating each and every moment of the event to the people in Kalimpong and its neighbouring places.

12th March 2011:

The concluding day of the programme was dedicated to ex-students of the school.

Ex-Principal, Mr. P.R. Pradhan addressed morning Assembly as he used to do twenty years back and assembly consisted of all old and new ex-students fully emotive and nostalgic. Hundreds of ex-students of Bhutan, Sikkim, Doars, Siliguri, Kalimpong and other places came down to Mill Ground, chairing up and singing school song ‘When SUM Boys go Marching On …. There will be a new tomorrow..’

To follow the footsteps of the Missionaries who constructed SUMI, the school has undertaken a project to establish a new SUMI in Nimbong, a far flung place, where a good school is a prime necessity. Principal, N.R. Pradhan mentioned this venture in his address and requested to all to be associated with this missionary project. Many of the ex-students unhesitatingly came forward with their financial and other helps soon after. Sister institutions like, Rock Vale Academy and Kalimpong Girls H.S. School and R.K.S.P. Darjeeling were also not behind.

Secretary of SUMI Alumni Association presented his report in the programme.

Most important and lively part of the programme was the ‘Your Best Three Minutes’ where representatives of ex-students from different region expressed their school day experiences with equal blending of fun, humour and seriousness. Bhutan Consulate General Tshering Wangda, Daso Mingma T. Nadik of Bhutan Mr. Bharat Darnal of Bharat Petroleum of Delhi, Mukesh Agarwal of Siliguri, Bharat Thapa of Kalimong, Jamba Chheda, Hem Adhikari, Tikaram Sharma, one dedicated ex-student from Sugar Mill Delhi etc. expressed their heartfelt feelings. Mr. Shamsher Ali recited a poem based on the Old Teachers.

The Evening Programme involved musical show by local famous artist and it lasted till 10:00 PM at night.

Outline of Yearlong Programme (Any change in the future will be made known to al

XXIst P.R. Pradhan Merit Awards
Townhall to be modelled along the exterior in the shape of S.U.M.I. School Building. (to be

outsourced to Pandal Party) 
Interior :

  1. Highlights of S.U.M.I. and Football , S.U.M.I. and P.R. Pradhan’s Presidential Awards,

  2. Diocese, History, Streams and other highlights.

          Merit Award Ceremony to be of three days

Day – 1: 4th of August 2011 (Thursday)
Invitees – Awardees, recipients, performers and organizers of the past twenty years be contacted

and invited. Family members of all connected with Merit Award over the past be invited over Lunch.

Day – 2 : 5th of August 2011 (Friday)
1.       State / District Level Inter-School Quiz Semi Finals in 2/3 segments.
2.       All awards and felicitations except P.R. Pradhan Merit Awards to be concluded.

Day – 3 : 6th of August 2011 (Saturday)
Quiz Final and XXIst P.R. Pradhan Merit Awards and Closing Ceremony of the segment.







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125 years of service to the society from Tradition to a New Tomorrow...



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